Gabby had her puppies!!!! This breeding will sell fast so make sure to get your deposits in early!


Eve had her puppies!!! They are ready to find a place with you in the field and your home!!!!



Pup Prices and Shipping


The prices of puppies will vary upon which bitches whelp the litter, the stud used, as well as sex and color of the pups. We take great pride in producing top notch litters and consider many factors when choosing pairings.ᅠ We believe that each customer is looking for a dog that fits them the best we do our best to evaluate what litter will best suite each customer. Our price for these amazing puppies is only a $1500  for male or female plus shipping if necessary.


All puppies from this litter will be sold with LIMITED AKC registration, which means that your dog will be registered with AKC, but any puppies they produce will not be allowed to register. With completion of health clearances, registration can be changed with breeders permission to Full Registration.


Shipping of the pups is possible; the buyer will be responsible for all costs associated with the shipment of the pups including a fee for gas to get the pups to the airport. The price of shipping depends on the destination and where we can find flights out of, but it also will include a certificate of health and a portable kennel. The total cost to ship a puppy will vary and will be discussed with the buyer.



Price per pup    $1500

Deposit               $500




* Your deposit of $500 will be cashed and deposited to keep your records current.


* You must choose to deposit on either a male or female. You may switch gender, but only behind other depositors on the list.


* The deposit counts toward the purchase price of the pup.


* If a pup of the gender or color you deposited on is not produced your deposit is refunded or you can switch it to another litter.


* Deposits are recorded on a first come first serve basis. If the pup you desire is produced you are expected to complete the purchase. If you do not complete the purchase the deposit is forfeited or applied to another litter. If we do not produce the puppy you have selected, you have the following options:

1. ᅠ A full refund of deposit

2. ᅠ Choice of another available puppy

3. ᅠ Re-apply deposit to a future litter


Recent News

Taz and Lilly will be breeding at the end of January with the litter due around the first week of April. Get your deposits in now before these puppies are gone!


Our Guarantee

We guarantee each and every dog purchased from Wandermere Pointing Labs to be healthy, both physically and mentally.